What people have said about past conferences

Excellent conference

This was an excellent conference & I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I learned a lot from the incredible speakers & panellists

- Anon

He tangata! The people and speakers were phenomenal! So many great people in one space!

- Anon

Even better than last year

Thank you for putting together an amazing event. Last year I said that it was the best conference I had ever been to, but I think it was even better this year.

- 2022 Delegate

Great panelists and presenters

Great panellists and presenters. Wonderful sense of camaraderie in the room. I left with practical information to take back to my employer.

- anon

The thing I liked most was how inclusive the entire experience felt, it was hard going back to normal life and readjusting after being in a lovely bubble surrounded by amazing, kind people who are motivated to support the disabled community.

- Anon

Loved connecting with like-minded people

(Loved) connecting with like-minded people, workshopping and re-energising me in this work and reminding me why we do what we do.

- Anon