Panellist: Rachael Parkinson-Turner, NZ Disability Employer's Network

Head and shoulders portrait of a woman, Rachael, with light skin-tone, copper coloured hair and glasses, smiling at the camera.

About Rachael

Rachael is a dedicated advocate for accessibility and inclusion, currently serving as the Marketing, Communications, and Events Manager at the NZ Disability Employers’ Network (NZDEN). She has a robust background spanning over 25 years in graphic design, and communications, where she mastered the art of creating impactful visual content.

In 2020, Rachael’s career took a transformative path when her passion for accessibility ignited. She recognised the critical need for accessible and inclusive content, driving her commitment to championing accessibility across various platforms.

As a neurodivergent individual herself, Rachael brings a personal perspective to her advocacy. She believes fervently that dismantling barriers and ensuring equal access for all will cultivate environments where every individual can thrive authentically. This belief is further informed and enriched by her role as a proud mother to a neurodivergent son, inspiring her deep empathy and dedication.

Rachael actively seeks opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions, exchange ideas, and collaborate on shaping inclusive practices. Her overarching goal is to contribute significantly to building a more inclusive and accessible society for disabled and neurodiverse individuals in Aotearoa and beyond.