Panellist: Nicola Frater

A woman (Nicola) with long curly blonde hair, smiles at the camera.

About Nicola

Nicola is a semi-retired Anglican Priest, currently Priest in Charge of Selwyn Church in Mangere East, South Auckland. She was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD after retiring from a career as a Senior Chaplain in the Aged Care industry. She was a successful leader in her community and a specialist in Dementia Care and Palliative Care. However, the cost on her health of doing this work without accommodations for her Neuro-Divergence led to her early retirement. It also gave her the opportunity to live as her true self.

Nicola is also transbian - a transgender lesbian. She retired, dressed as a man for the last time on Good Friday 2022, and presided at the Eucharist as the Reverend Nicola Sian Frater on Easter Day. A lifetime without diagnosis and support, and a lifetime of living as someone she was not, have brought two things into sharp personal focus for Nicola. The first is the abilities and limitations we all live with and the impact of a community enabling or disabling us by offering or refusing accommodations. The second is how Intersectionality, the complex overlapping of each of the people we are, and our freedom or lack of freedom to be all those people, further impacts on our work, community, and personal life and wellbeing.