Speaker: Kanika Jhunjhnuwala, Chief Sustainability Officer, Sudima Hotels - Hind Management

A portrait of a woman, Kanika Jhunjhnuwala, with dark skin tone, curly shoulder length hair, wearing a dark top and smiling warmly at the camera.

About Kanika

Kanika Jhunjhnuwala is a highly experienced ESG professional and currently serves as the Chief Sustainability Officer for Hind Management and Sudima Hotels. She leads, develops and implements sustainable strategies and governance across the group. Kanika has lived in Asia, the Americas and New Zealand and applies a global lens to implementation of sustainable hospitality and tourism. Under her leadership, Sudima Hotels and Hind Management Group have become award-winning industry leaders in sustainability, environmental care and community support.

Sudima Hotels has long been an early adopter in this space – its leadership includes having been involved with Toitū for over a decade, and its waste reduction plan has influenced transformative practices within the wider industry. Under Kanika’s leadership, the Group was a finalist in both ‘Caring for our Communities’ and ‘Leading the Way in Regenerative Hospitality’ at the renowned HM Awards in Sydney in 2023. In 2024, Human Resources New Zealand recognised Hind Management & Sudima Hotels with the prestigious Building Sustainability Through People Award. Kanika launched The Hotel Industry Sustainability Group, enabling hotels to participate in and collaborate on sustainability, including knowledge-sharing and raising the bar for ESG, and working towards climate emission reductions and on a plan for regenerative tourism.

 Kanika brings to the Group a unique combination of skills and knowledge. She is a member of the Institute of Directors and currently a Director of Tread Lightly Charitable Trust. Kanika has a background in physics and environmental engineering, and did environmental academic research. Her passion for the outdoors drives her to create meaningful change within her company and the industry.