Panellist: Harriette Morgan, NZ Disability Employer's Network

Head and shoulders portrait of a woman, Harriette Morgan, who has short brown hair, and clear-rimmed glasses, smiling broadly at the camera.

About Harriette

Harriette is a member of the New Zealand Disability Employers’ Network team. She comes into disability from the perspective of chronic illnesses and autoimmune conditions. Harriette is passionate about raising the awareness of Hidden Disabilities, especially chronic/invisible illnesses and autoimmune conditions, which are areas of disability that don’t get a lot of acknowledgment.

She has been with the New Zealand Disability Employers’ Network since an internship in 2023, which took eighteen months to find due to the perceived limitations of her disability. She has recently graduated university after fifteen years, two universities, and a change in major from English Literature to Business Management. Harriette brings a wide range of skills to the team, she gets to combine her passion for writing, learning, and research with her disability advocacy and business knowledge.

Through her work at the New Zealand Disability Employers’ Network, Harriette is able to contribute to the incredibly important mahi that brings disability and neurodiversity inclusion to organisations. She is passionate about the ever-increasing awareness and inclusion of disabled people into the workplace and society.