Panellist: Mike Styles

A caucasian man (Mike) wearing a blue business shirt, smiling at the camera.

About Mike

Consultant, Researcher, Trainer

Mike Styles is a self-employed consultant, researcher and trainer focusing on dyslexia in adults. He has had 25 years working with literacy and numeracy issues in adults and in dyslexia and neurodiversity for tertiary education learners and adults.

Mike has led several national research projects exploring how best to support adults with dyslexia in tertiary education and the workplace. In 2018 he screened a large sample of prison inmates to determine the rate of dyslexia in the New Zealand prison population.

Mike led an initiative to develop and implement a Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark for tertiary education institutions in Aotearoa New Zealand. The Quality mark was launched in September 2021.

Mike spends much of his time delivering workshops and webinars to up-skill educators on best practices for educating learners with dyslexia.

Mike has just launched his self-published book – entitled “Congratulations – you have dyslexia! Great minds think differently”.