Workshop Facilitator: Callum McKirdy

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About Callum

Callum McKirdy is a speaker, author, mentor and facilitator specialising in workplace dynamics and behaviour. Over a 22-year career in and around the HR profession, he assists leaders and teams to develop radically authentic workplaces by leveraging their uniqueness across Australasia.

Proudly dyslexic and ADHD-positive, Callum champions organisations to think differently about different thinking, and views the neurodivergent staff as the innovative super-workforce of the future.

Callum speaks at industry conferences, facilitates high-impact workshops, trains teams, and mentors professionals with ADHD via his ADHD+ online community, as well as hosts the ‘You, Me & ADHD’ podcast.

The author of The HR Catalyst: A Guide to the New Practice of Leading HR, published in 2019 and a contributing author to the 2020 Amazon Bestseller What The Hell Do We Do Now? – An Enterprise Guide to COVID-19 and Beyond, Callum is due to publish his second book TILT: Thinking Differently About Different Thinking in 2022.

Three books in a row. A light blue book title The HR Catalyst. A white book with black and pink title. The title is What the hell do we do now? A yellow book with a cover of a guy with a thought bubble coming from his head, within the thought bubble is the title Tilt.

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