Panelist: Jack Keeys – KPMG Accessibility Network

Jack Keeys, a blonde male is smiling at the camera

About Jack

Jack is the founder of KPMG's Accessibility Network

Jack Keeys is the lead co-ordinator of KPMG’s Global Agri-food Network, co-author of KPMG’s leading annual agribusiness agenda report, and manages multiple national and international consulting projects. But how does this relate to accessibility? Well, Jack also started KPMG’s Accessibility Network (KAN) in 2020 just three months into the job after an unlikely connection, a few Seven Sharp stories, and some great support from the KPMG team.

In his ‘spare time,’ Jack organises and completes charity challenges and has raised over $50,000 completing a marathon in gumboots, a 100km barefoot hike, and an upcoming expedition to climb 14 mountains in 10 days - recently receiving national recognition and the New Zealand Community Impact Award.