Panelist: Enya van Dulm – KPMG Accessibility Network lead

Enya a woman with long brown hair smiling at the camera

About Enya

Enya is Lead of KPMG's Accessibility Network

Enya has a keen focus on inclusion, diversity and equity and was excited to lead the implementation of the Accessibility Tick programme at KPMG New Zealand in 2021. She works in the audit division at KPMG Wellington, and is also involved in the newly launched IMPACT Assurance service line which focuses on environmental and sustainability reporting. Enya has always been interested in environmental and social movements and began her involvement with disability support organisations and advocates while she was at university.

In 2022 Enya took over from Jack Keeys as the lead of KPMG's Accessibility Network. In this role she has guided the network's activities at a national level, and engaged with KPMG's Global network of member firms to explore further opportunities to continue the organisation's accessibility journey.

As a person with lived experience, Enya is particularly passionate on the topics of hidden disabilities and intersectionality. In her spare time, Enya enjoys reading, hiking, sailing and talking peoples' ears off about social justice issues.