International Speaker: Susan Scott-Parker

A woman with brown curly hair looks at the camera with a smile. She is Susan Scott-Parker.

Susan Scott-Parker OBE HonD

Founder, business disability international

Susan Scott-Parker is an internationally recognised thought leader who has made a career from challenging outdated assumptions regarding both disability as it affects business and the potential of responsible business to adapt respectfully for human reality.

In 2003 Susan invented and launched the concept and language of ‘Disability Confidence’ – knowing that if we can change the way we talk about the world, we make it easier to change the world. Her work is distinctive in its aim to deliver practical, tangible mutual benefit for business, people with disabilities, the global economy, and wider society.

Susan is now leading the ‘Disability Ethical AI’ campaign alongside organisations including IBM and Oxford Brooke's University's Institute for Ethical AI to address the ‘disability-oblivious’ nature of AI powered recruitment.

Susan is Strategic Advisor to the ILO’s Global Business Disability Network and has long-standing strategic alliances with organisations and initiatives including: the Australian Network on Disability, the Austrian/German MyAbility business disability network; The Valuable 500, The #PurpleLightUp movement and The Zero Project.

Note: Due to the time difference with England, Susan has opted for a prerecorded interview to be presented at the conference.

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