Facilitator + Panelist: Sandra Budd – Senior Relationship Manager at Accessibility Tick

Head shot of a woman, Sandra Budd. She has short hair, glasses, and is smiling warmly at the camera

About Sandra

Sandra is the Senior Relationship Manager for Accessibility Tick / NZDEN

As a mother,  grandmother and cousin of whanau with neurodiversity and intellectual learning challenges, Sandra has walked alongside them as they navigate their paths to live their life to the full without barriers.

Following a career as a senior executive in the Australasian health, disability and not for profit sectors and with governance experience on social purpose Boards, Sandra is passionate about working with employers to build capability and confidence within their organisations to unlock the potential for more disabled and neurodiverse people to gain employment.

During her time as Chief Executive of the Blind Foundation (now Blind Low Vision NZ) she asked the question “why aren’t more disabled people being employed” which resulted in the birth of a social enterprise, that today is the Accessibility Tick.

It is now her joy to be part of the Accessibility Tick/NZDEN  team who partner and empower employers to have ownership of their own journey to become more disability and neurodiverse inclusive.