Support the Case for Digital Accessibility (Pre-conference Event)

2023 DIPC Pre-conference event. Supporting the Business Case for Digital Accessibility. Wednesday 9 August, 1pm-5pm, Auckland CBD. NZDEN and Access Advisors logos.

Many leaders share with us that they find it difficult to inspire their IT teams to action on digital accessibility. Meeting resistance in their organisation's desire to develop online products quickly, and a lack of understanding about the reasons for digital accessibility.

This year we are partnering with Access Advisors (opens in a new tab) to bring a pre-conference event focussed on supporting you to unlock the value of digital accessibility in your organisation.

Whether you are a senior leader, ICT professional, HR lead, or disability lead in your organisation, our 'Supporting the case for Digital Accessibility' will assist you to connect with the benefits yourself, preparing you to bring your whole organisation on the journey.

*Venue to be announced

Workshop take aways include

  • Return-On-Investment (ROI)
    Understanding the return on your digital accessibility investment by seeing increasing sales.

  • Better customer engagement
    Learning how to hear your customers and unpack their accessibility needs to create a closer connection with them.

  • Digital solutions
    Understanding how digital accessibility improves outcomes for everyone, not just for disabled people.

  • Creating Leadership Allies
    How to bring more leaders across the organisation onboard with the work.

  • Value of ethical policies and practices
    A solid understanding of moves you will make towards a more loyal customer base and easier recruitment and retention of staff.

  • Benefits to your brand
    A solid grasp of how digital accessibility will boost your organisation's overall brand and reduce reputational risk.

  • Benefits beyond disabled people
    Understanding how digital accessibility improves outcomes for everyone, not just for disabled people.

  • Prevent legal risk
    Learn how to avoid costly legal cases brought under the Human Rights Act. (They do happen, the system just stops you hearing about it).

  • A new or renewed passion
    Connecting with real people with real lived experience and understanding the deep 'Why' for this work.