Pre-conference event 2024

2024 Disability Inclusive Pathways
Pre-conference masterclass

Persuading Disbelievers: How to build allies in your senior leaders

A masterclass with our international guest Susan Scott-Parker, OBE HonD

Join us for an engaging masterclass led by the esteemed Susan Scott-Parker OBE, world-renowned for her expertise in driving disability equality by mobilising the power of business as valued stakeholders and potential allies of disabled people.

In this transformative session, Susan will share invaluable insights on creating meaningful connections with senior leaders and effectively establishing change models within your organisation.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the foremost experts in the field and take your efforts in disability inclusion to the next level.

Key themes

  1. Building Meaningful Connections
    Discover strategies for fostering authentic relationships with senior leaders that lead to genuine engagement and support for your initiatives. Learn how to navigate organisational dynamics and effectively communicate your vision for disability equality and inclusion.
  2. Establishing Change Models
    Gain practical techniques for developing and implementing change models that resonate with senior leaders and drive tangible results. Explore frameworks for articulating the business and ethical case for the corporate best practice Susan branded ‘disability confidence,’ demonstrating a return on investment, and overcoming resistance to change.
  3. Promoting Disability Equality and Inclusion
    Delve into actionable approaches that deliver the business improvements which also benefit disabled people. Explore best practices for fostering the personal and professional disability confidence that drives sustainable culture and behavioural change – while enabling the organisation to learn directly from and with disabled people as colleagues, future talent, customers and fellow citizens.

Key take aways include

  • Build rapport and credibility
    Strategies for building the disability confidence of senior leaders.

  • Build the business case for equality
    Techniques for articulating the business and ethical rationale for disability equality and inclusion.

  • Frameworks for change
    Frameworks for developing and implementing effective change models.

  • Practical approaches
    Practical approaches for promoting disability equality and inclusion in organisations.

Who should attend?

This masterclass is ideal for professionals seeking to position improving their organisation’s disability performance as an economic, commercial and ethical imperative. Whether you're responsible for technology, the built environment, the customer experience – or you’re a DEI leader, HR professional, employee network lead, or change agent, this session will equip you with the tools and strategies needed to effectively engage senior leaders from across the business and drive meaningful transformation.

Callum McKirdy presenting at the 2021 NZDEN Disability Pathways Conference

About Susan Scott-Parker, OBE HonD

Susan Scott-Parker is an internationally recognised thought leader renowned for her groundbreaking work at the intersection of disability and business.

As the founder and CEO of the world's first 'business disability network', now Business Disability Forum (UK) she has spearheaded initiatives that have revolutionised the way corporations approach disability inclusion. Susan's influential contributions include launching benchmarking tools, leading accessible technology taskforces, and establishing leadership development programmes for disabled persons.

Her expertise extends globally, advising organisations and governments on fostering productive partnerships between business and disability communities. Susan's visionary concept of 'Disability Confidence' has transformed the discourse around disability, driving tangible benefits for businesses, individuals, and society at large.

A woman (Susan Scott-Parker) with short strawberry-blonde wavy hair and wearing a magenta blouse, sits on a bench in front of a large tree. She smiles warmly at the camera.

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