Yellow banner with text that reads: NZ Disability Employers' logo - 2023 Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference, 10-11 August, Auckland. Supported by Spark NZ and Chorus.

Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference 2023

We couldn’t make this conference what it is without so many incredible people. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our incredible speakers, insightful panellists, and committed attendees who came together to make this a truly impactful and meaningful event.

An incredible energy filled the room at the 2023 New Zealand Employers’ Network ‘Disability Inclusive Pathways’ Conference. The discussions were powerful, the connections were invigorating, and the ideas exchanged were nothing short of transformative. But here's the thing – this isn't where it ends.

This conference marks the beginning of a collective stronger journey, where every participant has a crucial role to play. The conversations sparked here should continue in boardrooms, around desks, and in social spaces. It's time to turn intentions into actions, ideas into initiatives, and discussions into tangible change.

"He aha te mea nui tea o? He tangata he tangata, he tangata!"
"What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people!"

Conference dates and location

  • Thursday 10th - Friday 11th August 2023
  • Spark Conference Centre, Auckland CBD

Supporting the Case for Digital Accessibility - Pre-Conference Event

  • Wednesday 9th August 2022
  • ClearPoint House, Auckland

This year we partnered with Access Advisors (opens in a new tab) to bring a pre-conference event focussed on supporting you to unlock the value of digital accessibility in your organisation.

Speakers and Convenors

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Lived Experience Storytellers

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A few highlights from the 2023 conference

People in the room at the Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference, seated at round white tables, with their attention directed toward the stage.
Attendees with their attention directed toward the stage at the Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference 2023.
A person (Paula Tesoriero) stands on stage presenting to an audience. Behind her are purple seats and a video screen that reads: Themes & Progress in Disability, Paula Tesoriero MNZM.
Paula Tesoriero MNZM takes the stage, sharing illuminating insights on Themes & Progress in Disability.
Four people seated on stage at the Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference. Left to right they are, Julie Woods who is wearing a bright pink wig, Loren Savage and Geoff Trappett (holding a microphone) and Angela Desmarais. Geoff is speaking into the microphone, and Loren is laughing warmly in response.
Capturing the vibrant spirit of the people at the Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference, Disabled Peoples Panel. Left to right: Julie Woods, Loren Savage, Geoff Trappett, Angela Desmarais.
Two people seated on stage, during a panel discussion. They are Joanie Sims and Kirsten Paterson.
Insights on Senior Leadership: Joanie Sims and Kirsten Paterson engage in a thought-provoking panel discussion. Their expertise shines as they unravel strategies for fostering Senior Leadership support for Disability Inclusion in organisations.
Young people seated on stage. They are the Young Neurodiversity Champions Panel at the Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference. One person with long dark hair (Jas McIntosh) speaking into a hand-held microphone.
Empowering Voices: The Young Neurodiversity Champions Panel takes centre stage at the 2023 Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference, sharing their raw and honest perspectives on transitioning into the workforce as neurodiverse university graduates.
Three delegates engaged in conversation during a break at the Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference.
Fostering Connections and Conversations: Discussions thrive during an afternoon tea break at the Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference. A trio of delegates share insights and camaraderie.

What people said about the 2023 Conference

"An incredible experience to be surrounded by so many people willing to work together to create a more accessible Aotearoa!"

"First-time attendee... wow... I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and effort to bring together an amazing conference with relevant content, awesome panels, thought-provoking discussions and superb humans... On top of this... So many people in one space, all with the same passions and goals... Being allowed the time to connect, talk, be inspired, gain ideas and to gain hope and to know that they are not lone soldiers (as at times it feels!)."

"Thanks to you and the team, I for one, (and am sure many others) now have a tank fuelled up and filled to overflowing with hope, new ideas and "why not" actions to do!"

"Unequivocally the most accessible conference I’ve attended. Hats off to you and the team and thank you for hearing my story and our work."

"Congratulations on a very successful event. Amazing speakers and like minded individuals who truly are ‘Collectively Stronger'."

"Another highly successful conference - which is going from strength to strength each year. Its success is the amazing korero between disabled people and employers."

"Fantastic conference - so well organised. I especially loved the enthusiasm, energy, and of course, the down-to-earth lived experiences that came from the heart!"

"Was such a great conference! Thank you for all the effort put in to make it happen. Action plans in progress!!"

"So many incredible stories and incredible work going on with so many organisations to change the dial on disability inclusion. Came away so inspired and hopeful for meaningful change in Disability Inclusion in Aotearoa."