Banner for the 2022 NZDEN Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference 'Unlocking True Potential'

Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference 2022

The 2022 New Zealand Employers’ Network ‘Disability Inclusive Pathways’ Conference is over, but the work is not. Thank-you to the 120 business leaders, diversity and human resources professionals, industry experts and influencers from the public, private and for-purpose sectors who joined us and made it a great event.

Thank you also to our amazing disability experts, experienced practitioners and disabled people from Aotearoa and around the world who each bought a valuable perspective that sparked so much discussion and consideration from our attendees.

This year's theme, 'Unlocking True Potential' looked at how we can support and empower disabled and neurodiverse employees to be all that they are capable of being and ways to foster organisational culture of true belonging of disabled people in the workplace.

Conference dates and location

Re-imagining Recruitment - Pre-Conference Workshop

This year we offered a highly attended half-day pre-conference round table workshop 'Re-imagining Recruitment' which provided an opportunity to look at inclusive recruitment practises that will better allow employers to tap into the wealth of talent of disabled people.


Highlights from the 2022 conference

Speaker, Korrin Barrett, sits on a chair holding a microphone on stage. A large screen is behind her.
Keynote Speaker, Korrin Barrett answers questions from attendees after her presentation 'The value of work'.
Four people seated in on a stage with a screen behind them. A woman stands at a lectern at the far end of the stage.
The Disabled Persons Panel of Jake Ryan and his support person, Sarah Mitchell, and Stew Sexton, facilitated by Sandra Budd.
A man sitting in a red armchair, speaking into a microphone. Beside him sits his wheel chair, and a purple banner reads '2022 Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference'
Stew Sexton speaking from the stage during a Disabled Persons Panel, DIPC 2022.
Room of people waving hands in the NZSL sign for applause.
Room of attendees applaud in NZ Sign Language.
Two people engaged in a conversation using Sign Language
Two people at the conference, engaging in a conversation in NZ Sign Language.
Room of delegates with attention on a video-presentation
Sharon Caroll, Australia Post during a live video link presentation.

What people said about the 2022 Conference

"Great panellists and presenters. Wonderful sense of camaraderie in the room. I left with practical information to take back to my employer."

"Thank you for putting together an amazing event. Last year I said that it was the best conference I had ever been to, but I think it was even better this year."

"(Loved) connecting with like-minded people, the workshopping and re-energising me in this work and reminding me why we do what we do."

"As someone currently without a physical disability or neurodiversity, I was humbled to be in a space where I could hear from disabled people in a safe environment."

"This was an excellent conference & I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I learned a lot from the incredible speakers & panellists."

"It was inspiring and life-changing and has given me information and steps to take to actively make my workplace more accessible to staff and customers. World class."

"It was an incredible experience. The venue, the way the days were planned, the people on the panels, and the length of the talks were all just right. I have taken away so many ideas to implement in my practice. The thing I liked most was how inclusive the entire experience felt, it was hard going back to normal life and readjusting after being in a lovely bubble surrounded by amazing, kind people who are motivated to support the disabled community."

"Fidget toys were very helpful! Probably the best work conference I've ever been to."